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Top 10 of High Quality WebSpace with Free Domain and Setup.

We have selected 10 major webspace companies by pricing, reliability, features and service.
At affordable rates they offer fast and reliable web hosting with professional options included.
You will find that you can save a lot of money by choosing a quality company from this updated
eb Hosting Top 10. These companies offer hosting plans with free domains and no setup fees.

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About Web Hosting
A Web Hosting company provides you webspace on their webserver which allows you anyone on the Internet to view your web site.
Web Hosts charge on a monthly basis and provide differing levels of service.

Different Kinds Of Web Hosting
There are different kinds of web hosting setups and dependent upon your website and budget, any of these may be the right type. This is not a discussion of the features a webspace plan may offer - just a description general types of web hosting

1. Free WebSpace
It is possible to get free webhosting accounts. These are great for small websites, but normally you have to have a banner ad at the top of every page. Some free accounts let you use your domain name (free virtual hosting) and with some your website address is a subdomain of the free hosting company (www.yoursitename.freehosting.com). This second type is called Free Sub-domain hosting.

Hosting for small websites can be very cheap, but If you can answer yes to all of the following questions, then free webhosting may be right for you.

  • I don't care about having ads at the top of every page in my website
  • I don't care about the performance / reliability of the website
  • I don't expect any customer support
  • My website is very small and will never grow

2. Shared Hosting
This is the most common type of a webspace account and can be very low cost. With paid shared (virtual) hosting you pay a monthly fee and get a share on a server. For very low cost plans you may only have a small amount of disk space and a low amount of bandwidth (although this will probably not be a problem for the vast majority of websites). With cheap virtual hosting plans you maybe one site amongst hundreds on the same server - in this case reliability may suffer. For slightly more expensive plans you will probably find better reliability.

3. Dedicated Hosting
With dedicated hosting you have a full server dedicated to your website. This gives you a lot more freedom and you can host potentially hundreds of your own websites. Typically you will have access to the server just like you have access to your PC at home. Dedicated webspace is normally reserved for large ecommerce type websites, sites that get a lot of visitors (thousands a day), or for people that want to start their own hosting company and sell shared hosting accounts. A dedicated server is more reliable, but also much more expensive being at least $100 a month vs $1 - $20 range of a shared hosting plan.

web space providers4. Colocated Hosting
This is very similar to dedicated hosting, except that you own the server rather than rent it. Your server is placed in the datacenter and connected to the Internet through the web hosting providers fast Internet connection. You will then pay a fee for maintenance and bandwidth.

Why take our recommendation?

Our group of Web developers and business owners have been working on the Internet and dealing with webspace companies for over 4 years. We want to help others avoid making a costly mistake choosing the wrong business web space. We test companies on the following criteria: cost, reliability (uptime), customer support, software, and more.

Are you searching for a reliable, inexpensive web host that really does what they say they are going to do?
We conduct research and our ratings change based on what we find. Ratings can change depending on how well the hosting companies rate.

Our Mission is to test, inform and protect. We accept no ads!
There are lots of choices out there. We are a group of Web professionals with extensive knowledge of hosting companies.
We do the research, so you don't have to.

Who should acquire one of these web hosting packages?
Anyway who wants a professional web host. Especially small and medium business will find suitable and
affordable business web space here.

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So What Web Hosting Plan Is The Right One To Buy?
You have a lot of choices in the web hosting market and it can be very confusing to find the best deal that meets your needs.
read more in our webhosting starters guide

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